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Media Borough is a small but mighty community in Delaware County, PA. The bustling downtown boasts blocks of retail shops, restaurants, banks, and the county courthouse. It is eclectic and the community strives to be environmentally friendly.


    The Media Borough Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) has been a great resource for the residents and businesses within the borough. The EAC works with Borough Council to educate the citizens of Media Borough on matters that affect the quality of the environment in our community. In Pennsylvania, seventeen cities, boroughs, and townships have passed plastic bag ordinances and other restrictions on single-use plastics.  

    With the support of Dandelions Digital, Media Borough Council approved their Single Use Plastic Bag & Straw Ordinance in July of 2022. Media Borough contacted Dandelions Digital to create a detailed communications plan in order to begin the roll-out of the ordinance. First among local businesses and then among borough residents.


    Dandelions Digital, working closely with Media Borough and the Media Environmental Advisory Council (EAC), created a campaign and timeline to ensure a successful roll-out and communications strategy. The timeline organized potential meetings and workshops with businesses that would ask for the feedback needed to adopt a formal ordinance.
    Additionally, a communications plan was put in place that included targeted steps towards messaging to the businesses, social media messaging targeted at the residents and brand consistency for a clear message. It was also important that the history of such ordinances in Pennsylvania, especially within the Philadelphia area, be communicated as well in addition to social media posts regarding zero waste.

    Businesses from other municipalities were invited to share their experiences and the impacts the single use plastic ordinances had on their business bottom line as well as how it affected patrons. Feedback from the Media Business Authority, the business organization within Media Borough, was incorporated into the overall communications plan as well.

    Just prior to the formal ordinance adoption, handouts and posters were drafted and distributed to business owners. DandeLions used our graphic design expertise to help create the design, images and messaging for the materials. Cards and table tents that could be used at check-out counters were distributed to the businesses. Themes included “Plastics are so Passe” along with reminders for customers to bring reusable bags when shopping whenever possible. Informational flyers for residents were inserted into borough tax bills and a website form on the borough’s page was used to ask residents and businesses for feedback. A marketing toolkit was made available for businesses on the borough website as well that included bag stuffers and informational posters.

    The DandeLions Digital team made sure the monthly digital newsletter News, social media and direct mail communication campaigns ramped up during the last quarter of the year with efforts and urgent messaging during the holidays that explained the ban would be in effect beginning January 1, 2023 and enforcement would begin July 1, 2023.


    According to Lori Devlin, Media Borough Recycling Coordinator, “the roll out and communication plan was successful and Dandelions Digital’s multiple level communication plan was key to that success. I feel that Media Borough is close to full cooperation and compliance.” Lori believes that residents and businesses have become
    accustomed to the new ordinance, but continued communication is necessary for long term success and environmental impact.

    DandeLions Digital continues to monitor social media for the borough and has seen very little negative feedback on the borough’s social media accounts on community pages.

    Do you have a challenge within your community that could use a coordinated communications plan? Let us help you with roll-out and assist in achieving your goals. Contact Dandelions Digital to learn how we can help you with your next  challenge.

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  • The roll out  [of the Plastic Bag Ordinance] and communication plan was successful and Dandelions Digital’s multiple level communication plan was key to that success. I feel that Media Borough is close to full cooperation and compliance.

    — Lori Devlin
    Media Borough Recycling Coordinator