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Local Government Week: Social Media Tips for municipalities

Whether you’re promoting an event or an emergency situation arises, it is important that messaging throughout your social media platforms is consistent, timely and informative. 

Below are helpful  tips to consider when using social media to communicate to your residents.

  • Create a hashtag unique to your township. This can help attract more residents to your page. Post updates across all social media platforms. Each post should ultimately communicate the same information, but this helps to cover all of your bases.
  • Post regularly. Allowing too much time between posts could create questions for your community. 
  • Be prepared to post at night and on weekends to keep your township residents as up to date as possible in emergency situations. Using software such as Hootsuite or Social Pilot will allow you to schedule posts for the weekend on all social channels.
  • Coordinate posts. During an emergency, information being released may affect fire departments, police response, etc. Provide one message across all social platforms. 
  • Create engaging graphics to use for each post.  Graphics should have consistent branding using your Township's logo and colors. This will help to grab your audience!
  • Live-stream press conferences or important meetings. If your township needs to hold a press conference, consider live streaming to provide updates to your residents. Most social media platforms allow for live broadcasts. Alternatively, you could post the video afterwards on a site such as YouTube.
  • Monitor comments and questions in a timely manner. This makes residents feel more connected and also provides local governments an opportunity to correct the spread of misinformation in real time.

Dandelions Digital can help you with your government communication needs throughout the year. The DandeLions Digital team provides very personal and comprehensive digital communications for local government and marketing services that center on your municipal  brand and messaging. 

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