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West Goshen Township

They’re lucky to live in West Goshen, PA! Ranked frequently as one of the best places to live in America and one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Pennsylvania, the park-filled, residential township of West Goshen is home to QVC and Lasko Industries among other notable businesses.


    Like many municipalities throughout the country, the township of West Goshen works diligently to provide valuable information to its citizens. Also like many municipalities, West Goshen does not have a designated communications director and the task of publishing the township newsletter and updating other forms of communication fell to an already busy team member. Even with the best of intentions, deadlines were inconsistent and what was once a quarterly newsletter became, at best, a twice-a-year communication. According to the township manager, “the process was flawed.”


    Once the need for a change was recognized, the search for a better system began. Township Assistant Manager, Derek Davis, had been in contact with Media Borough. The borough had recently subcontracted their communications work and were now happily using DandeLions Digital for all of their digital communications needs. With the connection made, we carefully assessed West Goshen’s needs and developed a digital communications strategy that provided an outline and calendar for both paper and digital newsletters, a designated point of contact, and a regular social media communications schedule.


    In the past, the township would occasionally receive calls from residents concerning the lack of communication. Since our involvement – providing scope and consistency across platforms – those calls have stopped. The staff and the board are more at ease as they feel less burdened to “throw something together,” and deadlines are being met consistently. Currently, the digital newsletter is emailed to over 1300 subscribers and is viewed on social media by thousands more. Website traffic has increased as more people are invited to find the information they need via the eNews and social media posts.

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  • [Dandelions Digital] is open to as much feedback as you want to offer.

    [Dandelions Digital] is very open to tailoring what’s needed for your specific municipality. The process was open and is ongoing with continued conversations to get it just right.

    — Derek D.
    Asst. Township Manager / Director of Planning & Zoning